Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My new ride...

Well, I finally upgraded my ride.  I scraped together all my pennies and splashed out for a 2013 Connondale Synapse Carbon 3 with full Ultegra components. 

Here is a photo of my new baby:

And by contrast, here's my old bike (now fully kitted out as a commuter):
I've read some posts where people upgraded to a carbon fiber bike and didn't pick up any speed.  Fortunately, that did not happen for me.  My cruising speed has increased on the new bike by about 3 mph, and I've blown away every Strava segment I've recorded.  This includes a top 3 time on a segment that's been ridden well over 1000 times.  Hooray me!

I guess I should finish up my Tour posts, but...

As you can see, I sort of petered out toward the end of our trip to France.  We saw the TT that ended in Chartes and the finale in Paris, then spent a couple days seeing Paris before heading home.  I will post some more information to finish things up, but in the meantime I might post some non-Tour related stuff.