Sunday, May 6, 2012

French study update

I've been doing my French study for about 3 weeks, and I'm just about ready for our trip.  Well, actually, I'm ready for our trip if the only things I need to use French for are the following:
  • asking someone what time it is (my watch doesn't do metric time)
  • asking someone how much I owe them (in Euros or dollars!)
  • asking someone if they'd like to eat or drink something with me (I'd better make some friends there quick!)
  • asking where something is (as long as they only tell me it's here or down there, I'm cool; any other response and I'm screwed)
  • telling someone I don't understand (I foresee using this a lot)
  • telling someone I speak a little French (technically true) or a lot of English
  • telling someone I'm going to have dinner at their house tomorrow night (again, I will need to make some friends)
I've got a couple more months, so there's still hope, but I'd better get on my horse!

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