Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 El Tour de Tucson

Oh, hey!  A month ago I rode in the 2013 Tour de Tucson.  I did this ride in 2011 and did the 85 mile route.  This time, I decided to do the whole enchilada which was 107 miles.  While I'm glad I finished, it was the most miserable I've ever been on a bike.  That's saying something since I rode the 2012 MS Bike in Arizona where it snowed and sleeted the entire first day.

This was the first year in 31 years that it rained for El Tour.  And not only did it rain, but it rained constantly for about the first 7.5 hours of my 8 hour ride.  It was cold and wet, and any thought of pace lines and high speeds were immediately put out of just about everyone's mind very quickly.

I finished the ride in a bit over 8 hours.  I must say I was not happy with that time, but I was excited that I didn't give up.  I will admit that there were times that I thought about it.  I was also excited that I avoided saddle sores for the entire ride.  Hooray!

Anyway, it was a miserable day until the last 30 minutes when the sun popped and it actually became a nice day.  Too bad it waited so long.  Oh well...

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