Wednesday, December 25, 2013

New upgrades ordered

Well, I've finally scraped together enough StayFit money to upgrade my shoes and pedals.  I've placed a special order at my LBS for a pair of Shimano SH-R320 road shoes and a pair of Shimano Ultegra pedals.  Hopefully, they will be in any time and I can get them installed soon.

I was looking at a number of different brands of shoes, but I eventually settled on the Shimano shoes on the advice of the bike fitter.  He suggested that since I have had great luck with my current Shimano mountain shoes (five year-old SH-M122s), I might consider sticking with the same brand.  He felt that this would increase the likelihood of getting a good fit.  Once I decided to go Shimano, I figured I might as well go all out on the top of the line R320s.  After all, if your feet are not comfortable on a ride it can be really miserable, and every review I read about these shoes mentioned how extremely comfortable they were.  I tried on a pair of Shimano R170s just to make sure we were in the right ballpark sizewise (we were) and then placed the order.

My LBS (Bicycle Ranch in Scottsdale, AZ) is set up to do the heat molding, so I will likely get this done after I've had them for a bit.  Hopefully, between the custom fit, the stiff soles and the bigger pedaling platform will help address the pain the I get in the bottom of my left foot after riding long rides as well as result in less plantar fasciitis than I've been having.

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