Friday, December 30, 2011

Wow! No wonder I'm slow!

After my last post about the Surly LHT, and given that some of the guys at the LBS were commenting on the heft of my bike the other day, I thought I'd try to figure out just how much it weighed.  Therefore, I used the trusty "hop on the bathroom scale alone then with the bike and subtract" method and determined something truly shocking: my bike weighs somewhere around 31.5 lbs!  No wonder I'm so slow!  I guess when you put all the following together, it starts to add up:
  • 58cm steel frame
  • 38x700c tires
  • Thorn-resistant super heavy tubes (with slime, no less!)
  • Brooks B17 saddle
  • Road Morph G pump
  • Garmin ForeRunner 201 GPS device (recycled from my running days)
  • Planet Bike Superflash and Blaze tail and head lights
  • Bargain-priced moutain bike pedals
  • Bento box with multitool, tire levers and a patch kit
I guess it should not surprise me that I have trouble keeping up with the typical Scottsdale carbon fiber-riding cyclists.  On the other hand, perhaps it's like swinging a bat with a doughnut in the on-deck circle.  After pedalling the LHT around for years, when I finally get on a light(er) bike, maybe I'll really be able to fly.  Here's hoping...

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