Saturday, December 31, 2011

Book recommendation

I recently downloaded Comedian Mastermind: The Best of, 2005-2007 for my Kindle. This book by Elden Nelson is filled with humorous, inspirational and sometimes just plain wierd postings from Elden's Fat Cyclist blog. Right now the book is available for the Kindle at a ridiculously low price of $6.95, and purchasing this book will help fund Elden's goal of writing a book about being a caregiver for someone fighting cancer, so the money is going to a great cause.

I don't know Elden, but I read his blog and it is really good. In addition, he used to work at Microsoft as did I, and we both lived in Seattle at the same time, so perhaps we've crossed paths.  Who knows...

Anyway, do yourself a favor and check out Elden's book. Oh, and his blog ain't half bad either, so check that out as well!

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