Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tickets reserved...

Well, I managed to get two tickets to Paris for a grand total of 175,000 frequent flyer miles.  We will be flying on US Airways through Philadelphia.  In addition, Nathan will be coming from Eugene to Phoenix the night before and we will fly out together from Phoenix the next morning.

The only downside is that to get tickets for this number of miles we actually had to leave even a day earlier.  Therefore, we are leaving Phoenix on Thursday, July 12th and come back on Tuesday, July 24th.  This is going to mean that we are in France for 3 days longer than the original plan.  I know there are worse things than spending extra time as a tourist in Europe, but that does mean additional room nights, additional food, additional rental car days, additional tourist expenses, etc.

The tickets are actually not purchased yet, but are just on hold.  My plan is to call everyday over the next few days to see if I can push the whole outbound trip back one day.  If they will do that with no change in points required, I'll do it.  Otherwise, we'll just suffer and spend an extra day in France.

This is a big milestone for our trip.  For a while I thought we would not be able to pull it off because of the difficulty finding tickets for points, so now that we have these tickets in hand we are definitely going.

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