Sunday, January 1, 2012

A mini wrinkle...

One of the problems of trying to plan a trip to the TdF is that the organizers don't provide a huge amount of information about the route until not long before the tour actually begins. They have released the start and finish towns and a list of some of the mountain passes they will be going over, but the specifics aren't available. Compounding this is the fact that I don't know anything about these locations.  This makes planning a bit more difficult than a normal trip.

I was reading a bit more about the stage ending in Bagnères-de-Luchon. It turns out that this finish is NOT a mountain top finish as I'd hoped. Instead, this town is about 15km (9 miles) downhill from the last climb of the stage. Therefore, if we are going to try to see the tour summit one of the climbs, we are going to have to get ourselves up a mountain to do it.

I'm looking at the possibility of renting bikes in Bagnères. Unfortunately, the best price I've found so far on the Internet is 400 Euros! I'm sure we can do better, but I need to get these arrangements nailed down quickly as I expect bike rentals will be a pretty hot item. Worse case scenario is that we can walk up, and perhaps they have other methods for getting up there as well. I guess we'll see...

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