Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Of course Nathan's flight had mechanical issues...

Nathan called me at 5:45 to tell me he was at the airport waiting to get on his plane. Of course, his plane was supposed to be leaving at 6:00, so I knew something was not right. Sure enough, 5 minutes later he texts me that the plane is delayed with a mechanical issue.
Now I've been around the block with US Airways and United flights from Portland and Eugene being delayed, so my first thought is that the mechanical issue is going to require major work and his flight is going to be cancelled. I immediately get online to see if there are any other flights that he could take if things get ugly. There is only one option and it costs $440. Fortunately for my mental health, about 6:10 he texts me to tell me they are boarding.

Always a little scare. Perhaps that is why they call it US Scareways...


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