Tuesday, January 10, 2012

14 weeks to my century

I just checked out the calendar, and I have 14 weeks to train for the Bike MS 150, which will include my first century ride (actually 105 miles) followed the next day by a 55 mile.  I have picked up a copy of Distance Cycling and am going to be using the 15 week training program from that book as best I can. The book recommends a combination of long rides, tempo rides, brisk (interval) rides, and recovery rides. Mixed in are sessions working on core strength, resistence training and stretching.

During my rides, I will be using heart rates to monitor my effort level and ensure that I'm working at the right intensity.  These heart rate zones are based on my tested lactate threshold as described in the Joe Friel book I mentioned in a previous post (Total Heart Rate Training). Hopefully, this will ensure that I'm not just getting in saddle time but that I'm improving my fitness in specific ways that will help me complete my century.

I'm a bit worried about this century as it is much hillier than the previous Bike MS 150 I rode in Seattle. Therefore, I feel I need to train with a lot more purpose than I did for that ride.

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