Monday, January 16, 2012

Century training week 1 complete

I finished my first week of training for my upcoming century.  The ride is on April 16th, so I have 14 weeks to train for it.  I rode 78 miles this week, including a 35 mile long ride on Saturday.  I also did another shorter ride at my planned century pace, a tempo ride, an interval ride, and a recovery ride on Sunday.

Things pick up a bit this week with longer mid-week rides and a long ride on Saturday running about 40 miles.  I feel pretty good that my training will help me finish a regular century, but this one has a LOT of climbing that have me a bit scared.  The good news is the ride is situated such that you can bail out on the climb any time and still complete the ride, so worst case is I fall short of the full distance but still finish.

Anyway, knowing that this ride is coming and is going to be hard is a great motivator to get on the bike and train hard.  That's exactly what I need to keep me pushing...

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